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Candy Molding Recipes

Using candy molds are a wonderful way to create a sweet treat for special occasions. With the variety of theme molds, you can use chocolates, chocolate flavored candy coating or candy coating wafers to create fantastic party favors and gifts for family and friends.

Ingredients to Use with Candy Molds

You can use semi-sweet, dark or milk chocolate bars to melt and pour into candy molds. Do not use chocolate chips as they do not melt as well as the bars.

Chocolate-flavored Candy Bars:
These candy bars are not real chocolate and use vegetable fat instead of cocoa butter and have coloring and flavoring added. They melt faster than real chocolate but do not dry up as fast as the real chocolate.

Candy Coating Wafers:
Candy coatings come in both white and pastel colors and have a vanilla flavor (or indicated flavors) or light or dark brown colors and have a milk or semi-sweet chocolate flavor. Candy coatings are sold in wafers. They are easier to use than real chocolate and work the best for molding and dipping. Wafers can be flavored using oil flavorings following the melting process.

How to Melt Chocolate

Double Boiler Method:
Chop up chocolate squares and put into the top of a dry double boiler. Put hot tap water in the bottom pan of the double boiler. Do not put on the stove. Replace hot tap water if needed. Do not cover chocolate. Stir occasionally until melted.

Microwave Method:
Place chocolate squares in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave at 30-second intervals (at medium power), each time stirring. Continue until melted.

How to Melt Candy Wafers

Double Boiler Method:
Add 2 - 3 cups of wafers into top of dry double boiler. Put hot tap water in the bottom pan of the double boiler. Do not put on the stove. Replace hot tap water if needed. Stir occasionally until melted and ready to pour.

Microwave Method:
Place candy wafers in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave at 10-second intervals (at medium power), each time stirring. Continue until melted.

How to Use Candy Molds

Flat 8 x 10 plastic mold sheets contain small cavity shapes suitable for a variety of speical occasions. Molds should be clean and dry before filling with chocolate or candy coatings. Do not grease molds.

To make solid molded candy pieces, melt the chocolate or candy coating. Use a teaspoon to fill the cavities in the mold sheet. Tap mold on table to release air bubbles and level mold. Chill in freezer for ten minutes to harden and set. Remove from freezer. Turn mold upside down and candy will fall out. If candy does not fall out, return to freezer for a few more minutes.

Keeping molds clean: After each use, wipe the mold clean using a paper towel. When finished with a mold wash it in hot water. Do not use detergents as it may crack the mold.

How to Paint Using Candy Molds

Many molds have a design in the mold. Using a good quality paint brush, paint directly on the design on the mold (see below for how to color coating anad flavor coatings). Apply enough melted coatings so that you do not see light through the color. Use a separate paint brush for each color. When any two colors intersect the color coating underneath must be allowed to set at room temperture before painting another color over it. The mold can then be filled with chocolate or other candy coatings. Follow directions above for how to mold chocolates. The painted design will be on the chocolates when they are turned out of the mold.

How to Color Candy Coatings:
Using a small amount of food color paste or gel to mix into melted wafers. A small amount goes along way, so be careful not to add too much coloring. Try using a toothpick to add coloring. Mix well to your desired color.

How to Flavor Candy Coatings

Add a few drops of oil food flavoring to melted candy wafers. Flavors are highly concentrated so do not add too much. Use one drop of oil flavoing to one pound of wafers.

Flavorings to Use:
Peppermint or almond flavoring with white coating wafers
Orange flavoing for orange wafers
Cinnamon, cherry or strawberry flavoring for red wafers
Lime, spearmint or wintergreen flavoring for green wafers
Lemon, banana, or pineapple flavoring for yellow wafers

Note: Do not use extracts to flavor candy coatings. They add too much liquid making the coatings unsuitable for molding.

Making Candy Clay -Modeling Chocolate

You need:

11 oz. candy wafers (do not use real chocolate).             1/3 Cup corn syrup

Melt candy wafers (any color) in a microwave bowl. Melt till they are melted - do not overheat. Stir until all candy wafers are completely melted.

Add the corn syrup. Begin stirring until you see the mixture begin to seize up. Eventually you will get a dough, like fondant. Wrap in plastic wrap. Keep it wrapped until cool. Roll out to create wonderful works of art.

DO NOT ADD WATER. Water wlll harden the candy and it will be ruined.

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