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Making Basketweave on a Cake

 Here is the simple method to creating a basketweave look on a cake.

“Pumpkin Patch Basket”

Pumpkin Patch Basket Cake

You Need:

  • 2 (8 or 9 inch round cake (any flavor), baked, cooled and refrigerated (see Recipes for ideas)
  • 1 batch Wonder Cream Frosting (see recipes)
  • Fruit slices candy (orange)
  • Chocolate Brown Americolor food paste
  • Leaf Green Americolor food paste
  • Candy corn (optional)
  • Spatula
  • #18 & #352 decorating tip
  • Disposable decorating bags


  1. Level and fill your cooled cakes. Spread White Wonder Cream Frosting on top and sides of cake. Smooth with a straight edge metal spatula.
  2. Split remainder of frosting, mix one with green food paste and the other with brown food paste. Insert the #18 star tip into a decorator bag and fill with brown frosting. Insert the #352 leaf tip into a decorator bag and fill with green frosting. Snip the end of each bag so the tip is halfway through.
  3. Using the brown frosting, outline a basket on the cake. Add a line of frosting from top of basket to bottom of basket. Make small crosses over the top of the line you just made. Add another line.

    frosting basket

  4. Add crosses over the new line, in between the crosses you made on the other line.

    frosting basket

  5. Continue adding lines and crosses until you reach the end of the basket. Decorate the outline of the basket by making small I’s around the basket.

    frosting basket

  6. Make the pumpkins by cutting orange fruit slices in half-lengthwise. Cut a sliver off the inside of each candy piece. Stick the two slivered pieces together to form a pumpkin shape. Arrange pumpkins in the basket (as shown above).

    candy pumpkins

  7. Using green frosting with leaf tip, make small u’s around the top and bottom border.
  8. With green frosting, make small leaves for each pumpkin. Finish by decorating around the cake with candy corn.

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