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Cutting a Cake the Right Way

For many years I worked for a Wedding Cake designer in Los Angeles. One of the questions we were always asked is: How do you cut the cake to get the most slices? Here is a few tricks of the trade.

Cutting a Round or Oval Cake:
(see diagram)
To cut a round cake, cut a circle every two inches from the outside edge of the cake. You can do this with an 8-inch round all the way to a 16-inch round cake. Once you have the circle cut, slice wedge pieces around the circles, every two -three inches. Repeat the steps until the cake is cut completely.

cake diagram

Cutting a Square or Rectangle Cake:
To cut a cake with straight sides, cut two-inch by two-inch square pieces. I always give smaller pieces so cake does not go to waste. If people want more cake they can come back for more.



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