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Decorating Easter Cookies & Cupcakes

 Easter Egg Cookies

You Need:

  • Baked and cooled sugar cookies (see Recipes)
  • Easter Egg Cookie Cutter (we used our 4-inch)
  • Easter Bunny Cookie Cutter
  • 1 batch Royal Icing (see Recipes)
  • Food gel paste colors you desire
  • Fondant (purchase at craft store or make your own)
  • Edible Quins and Pearls

Supplies Needed: Small spatula, writing tip #2 or #3, disposable decorator bags, fondant roller, orange Starburst (for chick beak)

  1. Make cookie dough recipe. Cool in the refrigerator for 2 or more hours. When ready to use, take out of the refrigerator. Roll cookie dough out on a floured board with a rolling pin. Continue to dust rolling pin with flour to prevent the dough from sticking. Using cookie-cutter - cut out egg shapes.
  2. Bake cookies as directed on recipe. Allow cookie to cool before decorating. While cookies are cooling, make the royal icing or roll out fondant.

Royal Icing Decorating:

  1. After making royal icing, create the colors you desire by adding food gel paste and mix well. Royal icing dries fast so keep your bowl of icing covered at all times with a wet paper towel or saran wrap.
  2. When ready to decorate, fill a decorator bag with a #3 or #4 tip and desired color of royal icing. Carefully outline the cookies with the icing to create a seal around the cookie. Once this border outline is dry, you will be able to spread a layer of icing inside the border to create a beautiful top layer of your cookie.
  3. Using spatula or knife, spread a layer of desired color icing on the top of the cookie. Allow drying before creating designs.
  4. Using some of my designs, create your own cookie designs using a variety of icing colors and the #3 or #4 tip.
  5. Adorn cookies with edible quins and sprinkles. Allow to dry before stacking or packaging.

Fondant Decorating:

  1. Color fondant with colors you desire. We used yellow for the back of the chick egg cookie and violet for back of bunny cookie.
  2. Roll our fondant to desire thickness. We use corn starch to prevent sticky fondant. Cut the desired shapes with cookie cutters. We cut a yellow egg shape and white egg shape for the chick egg cookie cutter. We cut a viole egg shape and white bunny shape for bunny cookie.
  3. To create the chick, use a sharp knife to cut out a cracked egg look. Using water, brush on backs of fondant pieces to adhere to the cookie and fondant pieces.
  4. Adorn with quins. To make chick nose, roll out orange starburst and cut a triangle shape. Lay onto fondant.

Easter & Spring Cupcakes

Easter Cupcakes

Sunflower Cupcake

You Need:

  • Cupcakes baked and cooled
  • 1 batch Wonder Cream Frosting (see recipes)
  • Variety of Candies
  • Fondant (find in craft store)
  • Spatula
  • #16 & #352 decorating tips
  • Americolor food gel paste colors
  • Disposable decorating bags 

Chick Cupcake:
You will need: Coconut flakes, green food gel, Chick Peeps, green frosting, edible sprinkles.

Using green food gel, color coconut flakes green. Frost cupcake with frosting. Sprinkle green coconut on top of frosting. Add Peeps Chick. Sprinkle edible confetti on top.

Easter Basket Cupcake:
You will need: Licorice, toothpicks, green sprinkles, green frosting, green and violet food gel paste, disposable decorator bag, star tip #16, jellybeans

Make green and violet frosting. Frost cupcake with green frosting. Fill decorator bag with star tip add violet frosting. Pipe border of cupcake. Insert two toothpicks to hold licorice handle. Cut licorice to fit basket for handle. Sprinkle green sprinkles and jelly beans.

Fondant Floral Cupcake:
You will need: Variety of colored fondant we used yellow, violet and blue. Variety of small cookie cutters we used flowers. Tub of white frosting from grocery store.

Soften frosting in microwave. Dip cupcake into frosting and allow to cool. Roll out fondant and use cookie cutters to make flowers. Brush water on backs of fondant to adhere to other layers of fondant.

Easter Bunny Cupcake:
You will need: Tub of white frosting, red AirHeads candy, Skittles candy, decorator bag, star tip #16.

Soften frosting in microwave. Dip cupcake into frosting and allow to cool. With red Airheads candy, cut shape of bunny ears stick into cupcake for ears. Fill decorator bag with star tip add white frosting. Outline bunny ears and make bunny cheeks. Add Skittles for eyes and nose.

Butterfly Cupcake:
You will need: Blue food gel paste, white frosting, heart candies, gummy worms, red licorice.

Make blue frosting spread onto top of cupcakes. Add gummy worm for the body. Add hearts for the wings and licorice pieces for the antennas.

Sunflower Cupcake: You will need: Oreo cookies, lemon yellow & leaf green food gel paste, frosting, decorator bag, #352 leaf tip

Make yellow and green frosting. Frost cupcakes with green frosting. Insert #352 tip into decorator bag. Add yellow frosting. Place cookie part of oreo onto cupcake. Using decorator bag, make yellow leaf shapes along the cupcake to create the sunflower.

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