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How Decorators get Ideas

Color and Idea Inspiration

People always ask me, "where do you get your ideas for color and decorating?". Here are some of the ways I get inspired:

1. Party Supplies: I find inspiration from party plates, napkins, invitations, and wrapping paper.

2. If I am looking for a perfect color combination, I will go to www.design-seed.com to find the best color match. It is amazing the vibrant colors you can create for decorating cakes, cupcakes and cookies.

3. Decorating sites have thousands of ideas. My favorite site is www.CakeCentral.com for cakes and cupcakes. For decorating cookies, my frieng Pam has the most inspiring decorating ideas at www.cookiecrazie.blogspot.com 

4. Candy Stores - I derive ideas from buying candy to decorate my cakes, cupcakes and cookies. My favorite candy to work with is AirHeads candy - they come in great colors and can be molded into different shapes. If you microwave the airhead candy for 5 seconds, it will become pliable to work with.

5. Children's Books, Clothing and Toys - I find ideas when I look through coloring books and children's books. To get good color ideas and patterns, looking at children's clothing is helpful. 


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