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100 Ways to Use a Cookie Cutter

I love cookie cutters! Did you know they have more uses than just making shaped cookies? Look what you can do with a cookie cutter! ENJOY! We're adding to make it 100 ways to use a cookie cutter.

1. Salt Dough Ornaments: Make dough ornaments with cookie cutters. Make salt dough by mixing 2 Cups flour, 1 Cup salt and 1 Cup warm water. After mixing dough, press onto board. Cut out shapes using cookie cutters (make sure to poke a hole with a straw) and allow to dry or bake at 250 degrees for 3 hours, turning every 1/2 hour. Paint with acrylic paints and spray with acrylic spray so they last a long time. 


2. Holiday Ornaments: Just hang your favorite cookie cutter with a pretty ribbon on your Christmas tree. They really sparkle with the lights reflecting off them.

3. Holiday Garland: Using ribbon, twine, raffia or strips of fabric, tie cookie cutters together to create a country charm garland.

4. Gift Ornament: Tie your favorite cookie cutter to the ribbon of a wrapped package. This is a great idea if the gift is a baking item, like a rolling pin.

5. Homemade Goodies Tag: Tie a cookie cutter to your homemade goodies package. This adds a special token of love!

6. Christmas Wreath: Tie cookie cutters to a wreath to give it country charm.

7. Holiday French Toast or Pancakes: Add festive food coloring to your pancake mix. After cooking the pancakes, use the cookie cutter to make creative pancake shapes.


8. Wrapping Paper: Use holiday ornaments as stencil stamps. Just dip cookie cutter into paint and stamp onto paper. Paper grocery sacks work great.

9. Stained Glass Cookies: Make a beautiful cookie by first making a cookie shape with your cookie cutter (see our recipes for great cookie recipe). Cut a shape inside the cookie. Fill blank area with crushed Lifesavers candy or hard candy. While you bake the cookie the candy will melt to look like stained glass.

10. Photo Ornament: Using a cookie cutter as a stencil, cut a favorite photo. Insert photo half way into the cookie cutter to make a photo ornament for the tree. A great gift for grandparents.

11. Fudge Shapes: Fudge is a favorite holiday treat. Just use a cookie cutter to cut out fudge shapes. Wrap them individually for a special gift.

12. Sandwich Shapes: Get your kids to eat their sandwiches by cutting the bread, cheese and meat with the cookie cutters.

13. Tea Sandwiches: Make your tea party memorable with shaped tea sandwiches using cookie cutters.

14. Shaped Biscuits: Use cookie cutters to make biscuit shapes. Surprise your guests with unique shaped biscuits.

15. Make Mini Cakes: Place foil on a cookie sheet. Lay cookie cutter on top of foil. Carefully pour cake batter half-way into cookie cutter. Place another cookie sheet on top of the cookie sheet to put weight for the first half of baking time. After baking for 10-15 minutes remove cookie sheet to allow browning of cake for the rest of the baking time. After cool, carefully push cake out of cookie cutter.

16. Pie Crust Decoration: Use cookie cutters to make shapes to lay on top of your pie crust. Brush with water or egg yolk for shape to stick to pie crust.


17. Brownie Shapes: After brownies are baked and cooled, use cookie cutters to make divine shapes.

18. Potato Chip or Tortilla Shapes: Cut thin slices of potatoes. Keep in ice water until ready to make shapes. Using your favorite cookie cutter, cut potato shapes. Fry potatoes in oil to create delicious chips. Do the same thing with corn tortillas. Sprinkle with sea salt.

19. Chocolate Shapes: Add decadent delights to top your cakes and other desserts. Spread a layer of melted chocolate on a piece of waxed paper. When cooled, cut chocolate shapes with cookie cutters. Carefully lay onto your dessert.

20. Cinnamon Toast Shapes: Toast bread and use cookie cutter to make fun shapes. Spread butter and then sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.

21. Fun French Toast: Cut bread shapes with cookie cutters. Dip in egg batter and fry for awesome French toast. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.

22. Mini Shaped Fruit Salad: Use mini cookie cutters to cut shapes from your favorite fruits. Use with bananas, apples, peaches and melons.

23. Mini Cheese Shapes: Use min cookie cutters to cut shapes for your cheeses.

24. Watermelon Bowl: First use cookie cutters to make shaped watermelon. Then decorate the watermelon rind by cutting shaped into rind and scraping out shape. Refill watermelon bowl with shaped watermelon pieces.

25. Fondant Shapes: Roll out fondant and cut shapes using cookie cutters. You decorate a variety of desserts with this easy idea.

26. Powdered Sugar Stencil: Get cookie cutter damp and dip into powdered sugar. Carefully stamp onto unfrosted cake.

26. Cake Stamp: Place cookie cutter on top of cake. Carefully sprinkle quins, confetti or sprinkles into cookie cutter. When spread nicely they you can lift up cookie cutter to see shape.

27. Cheesecake Topping: Place cookie cutter on top of cheesecake. Carefully spoon strawberry, cherry or raspberry topping into cutter. Carefully lift cutter to create shape. Make sure topping is thick.

28. Pound Cake Shapes: This is so easy to adorn any dessert. Just use cookie cutter to make shapes of pound cake slices.

29. Jell-O Cutouts: Add and extra packet of gelatin in with your favorite Jell-O flavor. Pour Jell-O in a pan. After Jell-O is firm, cut shapes using cookie cutters.

30. Chocolate Molds: Use cookie cutters to make homemade chocolate or candy coating molds.

31. Ice Cream Shapes: Spread softened ice cream onto a cookie sheet. Freeze until firm. Dip cookie cutters into warm water. Cut shapes with cookie cutters. Refreeze shapes until ready to use.

32. Rice Krispies Treat Shapes: Layer rice treats on cookie sheet. After firm, use cookie cutter to cut out shapes.


33. Potpourri Gift: Fill cookie cutter with potpourri and wrap with cellophane or lace. Embellish with a ribbon.

34. Gift Ornament: Add cookie cutter to ribbon with a wrapped gift.

35. Wind Chime: Using fishing line or outdoor twine, tie a variety of cookie cutters to make a beautiful sounding wind chime.

36. Gift Tag: Use cookie cutter as a stencil to trace on cardstock paper. Cut out shape and use as a gift tag for gifts. Use hole punch to create tag hole.


37. Sponge Stamped Gifts: Use cookie cutter as a stencil to create shapes for sponges. Use sponges to stamp onto wrapping paper, pots or jars to create wonderful gifts.

38. Clay Shapes: Using clay, make shapes using cookie cutters. Allow to dry before painting.

39. Coaster Shapes: Make coasters by cutting cookie cutter shapes using felt. Glue shapes to tiles.

40. Candle Shapes: Line pan with foil. Lay cookie cutter onto pan. Melt candle wax and carefully pour into cookie cutters. Lay another cookie sheet onto of the other sheet to give weight until candle wax is cooled.

41. Fabric Stencils: Use cookie cutters to create fabric shapes to sew onto pillows, purses, aprons, baby items etc. Felt works great.

42. Pin Cushion: Cut two felt shapes using cookie cutters. Carefully sew together leaving a small hole. Fill with rice or small beans. Sew the hole up. Now you have a cute shaped pin cushion.

43. Greeting Cards: Use cookie cutters to make shapes with creative papers. Glue onto greeting cards to make adorable handmade cards.

44. Door Knob Hangers: Tie two cookie cutter for each end of twine or ribbon. Hang over a door to make a nice welcome.

45. Napkin Rings: Just thread napkin through cookie cutters to make unique table decorations.

46. Floral Arrangements: Tie cookie cutters to floral arrangement for a nice kitchen decoration.

47. Soap Shapes: Use to make handmade soaps. Make sure soap solution is thick before pouring into shapes.

48. Gift Ornament: Cut two pieces of felt from same cookie cutter. Sew together leaving a small opening. Stuff cotton into middle and finish sewing ornament together. Sew a ribbon to hang ornament on a tree, hook or doorknob.

49. Polymar Clay Ornaments: Make dough ornaments with mini cookie cutters. Follow directions on drying methods. Use a variety of clay colors to create beautiful ornaments or gifts. Poke a hole in clay before drying if you want to hang as ornaments. 

50. Fill cookie cutters in a large clear jar and wrap ribbon around jar. Instant kitchen décor.

51. Wall Stamping: Use cookie cutter to make stencil on sponges. Cut out shape. Dip in acrylic paint and stamp onto your wall. Use a variety of cookie cutters that have a theme to create a themed room. Example: zoo animals for child’s room.

52. Kitchen Mobile: Tie your favorite cookie cutters with thin ribbon, twine or fishing line to create an adorable mobile for your kitchen.

53. Basket Full: Fill a decorative basket with all your cookie cutters to create a sweet addition to your kitchen.

54. Window Pull: Tie cookie cutter to your window shade pull. The sunlight will give sparkle during the day.

55. Tie Backs: Use with ribbon to make tie backs for your curtains.

56. Beach Fun: Bring cookie cutters to the beach to make shaped sand for your sand castles.

57. Bubble Mania: Make a solution of bubbles. Mix 2 Cups warm water, 1/4 cup Dawn dish soap, a little food coloring, and 2 Tablespoons corn syrup. Dip cookie cutters into mix and blow. Wow, shaped bubbles.

58. Crayon Shapes: Lay foil on baking pan. Place your old broken crayons inside cookie cutter. Bake at 350 degrees and let bake until crayons are melted. Let cool before using.

59. Counting Game: Fill a basket with cookie cutters and have your child help count how many you have. Talk about the different shapes. Then trace the shapes onto a piece of paper and have your child color. Lots of fun learning!

60. Matching Game: Use your cookie cutters to create a matching game for children. Trace and cut out cookie cutter shapes (two of each). Have your child match the shapes together. Laminate them so they last a long time.

61. Butter Shapes: Soften butter and spread onto a cookie sheet lined with waxed paper. Refrigerate till firm. Cut shapes with cookie cutters.

62. Balloon Weights: Tie cookie cutter onto ribbon of balloon to weight the balloon.

63. Scrapbooking Photo Shapes: Use cookie cutter to trace a shape of your photos to adorn your scrapbook pages.

64. Cookie Cutter Cards: Look how easy: Fold a piece of construction or kraft paper in half. Line the top of a cookie cutter on the fold, so the card will open there. Using a pencil, trace around the cookie cutter. Cut the design out. If you want a card smaller than the cookie cutter, make a template by tracing around the cookie cutter on a white piece of paper and reduce the size of the outline on a copier. Cut out the template, and trace on construction or kraft paper. Add additional decoration to the card Using a hole punch, punch a hole at the top of the card, thread with twine, and attach to gift basket.

65. Play with Playdough: You and kids will have hours of fun using cookie cutters to make lots of shapes with playdough.

66. Fabric Patterns: Use to make shaped patterns for fabric appliqués to sew on shirts, jackets and jeans.

67. Quilt Shapes: Use as patterns for quilting and other sewing projects.

68. Nifty Necklace: String a cookie cutter on a long ribbon and wear around your neck. You’ll be sure to get attention.

69. Pumpkin Stencil: Use to create stencil shapes when carving a pumpkin.

70. T-shirt Stencil: Dip cookie cutters in fabric paint to create shapes for your t-shirts.

71. Cinnamon Ornaments: With applesauce, glue and cinnamon, you can create sweet smelling ornaments to last the holidays. Remember to poke a hole before drying.


72. Whip Cream Shapes: Spread out whip cream on wax or parchment paper. Freeze and cut shapes. Save until ready to put in your favorite hot drink.


73. Chocolate Raspberry Tarts - Just two ingredients with any shape cookie cutter. 


Do you have a cookie cutter idea? Please send your idea to us and we’ll send you a free cookie cutter with your next order. Go to “contact us” and let us know!

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